Poems – Edwin Douglas

The following is a selection of poems by Edwin M Douglas drawn from Bible stories of the Old and New Testaments and from his experience in relation slender frenulum breve and ignorance associated with it.   Read All About It!

Sarah’s Laugh Lasts (Genesis 16 & 17)

Hagar’s lording it up again,
It really gets my goat,
Who does she think she is?
This slave-girl surrogate.

“DO something, Abe” I said,
“I know it was my idea,
But I honestly wasn’t expecting things
To be really quite this dire”.

This drove him into his garden shed,
As he tried to hatch a plan.
I had no idea what he was doing:
He’s just a typical man.

I think that he has finally flipped,
He’s all giggly and sheepish,
Three strangers he’s just invited in
Say now they’ll grant my wish.

“The opportunity is there” Abe said,
“by engineering design:
I’ve cut the brambles from the head
And now ‘twill all be fine”.

“Yeah right” I thought, but he caught me short
And clearly he wasn’t joking,
‘Twas then I realised how he cared
And that neither was he barking.

Enjoy the moment absolutely, yes,
It brings new leases of life
In every which way, people, yes,
I am after all his wife.

And so we rode into the night,
Conceived in that garden shed,
Synonymous with that which is…
What’s going on in his golden head?

Oh joy of joy
(If a little bit wild)
I am now blessed with
My own dear child.

Isaac, we did call him, as
Happiness indeed embodied:
For to produce a dynasty ‘cause
O’ what Ol’ Abram did.

But it’s interesting this…
And I really have to say,
I was wondering what it was
That was with Hagar’s way?

Her story now is sounding tall
And I’m beginning to doubt:
They may have got it together
But did Abe’s seed come out?

She realises I am onto her and
I think that she is rumbled:
She and Ish have gone away,
And avoided thus being humbled.

Bliss at last, again I say
My own little family here:
We’re living ever after now
My happiness is sheer.


“Confucius – He Say”, by Sarah (Genesis 22)

Abraham’s been acting strange
I think that he’s confused
Which boy is his first boy
And which to disabuse.

There’s nothing I can say
T’would make any difference
He’s nurtured both as ‘is own:
He has no preference.

Ishmael’s long since gone away,
About which Abe feels guilty
There’s nothing much that I can say
I’m trusting that he’s not faulty.

He and ‘Saac have gone on a trip
To make a sacrifice
If I knew then what was in store
He’d not have had the chance.

“Dad had a little moment there,
He put me on a table and
Raised up his dagger high
Just as Cain with Abel.”

“My boy, my boy you must have feared
What was he thinking of?!”
– “Confusion reign, it was his pain
Of how to deal with love.

Luckily there, the ecology deep,
Came to our rescue,
A ram was in the brambles and
Was pushing the thorns on cue.

Faith supreme is the lesson here
One really mustn’t wobble,
For what is meant to be
Will be, I’d advise against a squabble.”

I had to think and weigh things up
After all he’d given to me,
The social services were involved:
They decided to see Saacs’ plea.

If they’d not accepted this,
Nor understood the mitigation,
We’d not have the lesson that
Is how to join One Kingdom.


On Plea For World Peace (Genesis 17 & 25)

Mom and Sara
at daggers drawn,
(Nothing new there),
Influencing Dad
To quell the storm.

I see trouble ahead,
He’s got this idea
That Sara will conceive
If he lops off his cover.
(And mine, too
And everyone else’s
In the household).

He’s pleased with me,
“It’s just a procedure
‘Twill make Sara happy”,
Though fills me with seizure.

He’s right dead set,
And on it “life depends”,
So we all had it done,
The tweaking o’our ends.

(He’s a proud man,
You see,
What’s good for him,
Is good for thee.)

Twelve months later,
Lo and behold,
I have a little brother,
“The primary line”, to be told.

Fair enough,
I like the guy,
But Sara would have none of it,
And sent us away.

Mom’s a star,
And gave me my wits,
And found me a wife
To bear me my kids : )

The old man died
And with Isaac I mourned
The loss of our father
We loved, never scorned.

We went our separate ways
Always knowing that, whatever,
The love of a father
Is thicker than water.

Nature or nurture,
Don’t lose the point,
Love conquers all,
Don’t fight o’er the joint,


Lot’s Asleep (Genesis 19)

Lot’s two daughters
Each got him drunk:
‘T was no good for them,
His living as a monk.

All on their own
With ‘logical clock ticking,
Elder one pounces
On his unconscious quick’ning.

Same for her sister:
Papa again blotto,
She’s taken his seed,
As if IVF lotto.


Dinah, Show Us Your Leg (Genesis 34)

Dinah’s untimely taken
By chief’s main son, Shechem,
……Big mistake, too late he
Found then he was smitten!

He went to his father
Demanding the rite
To take her again,
This time as ‘is wife.

Hamor to dad-Jacob
(Whose sons were b… livid)
With t’aim of a deal for:
“Di’s hand would be wicked.”

“Have what you like”
Was the offer Ham made,
“Our people’ll mingle
And save us a raid.”

Di’s bro’s were not happy,
So set a tricky trap:
“Our customs don’t allow you
To keep on your cap.”

“Circumcise all your males,
Is our condition to meet.”
“Fine: that’s no problem.
She’s oh so so sweet.”

Chief Ham gathered his people,
And they all agreed.
The op was undertaken,
Though they winced at the speed.

(And they were sore…
At the….cutting…
Of their… t..tackle
..F..for the r..rutting..)

Jacob’s sons seized the moment;
The men were in space;
They slew them completely,
To restore sis’s grace.

So what did sis think
Of this cause and this action?
..oo00OO “When will boys learn
The art o’ communication.”

Muses on Moses (Exodus)

Oh, look, there,
A dear little Hebrew boy.
Arrh, how sad,
Let’s bring him some joy.

And look! There! See!
He has their funny mark!
A scar or graft from
His other life, now dark.

Arrh, how sweet,
But what’s he to think
Of all this attention and
Nudge nudge, wink wink?

He is loved nevertheless,
Perhaps even more,
Two mothers to tend him,
Tell him the score.

Confusing his self and
….Slow…. and…. hesitant,
In speech, yes: By hand?
What a combatant!

Turning and stretching his
Mind recalls ancestors,
Those stories of old.
Include Abram’s court jesters.

No one knows
It’s got to be done.
The Lord will tear him, and
(Save by the Belle,)
His wife did the deed
Of cutting their son.

(Ch.4 vv 21-25)

God’s mother-love,
Doubly dosed,
That’s a big burden,
But better than most.

Called to new job,
No more tormenting,
Receiving The Law,
My, how that’s daunting!

Hedged around,
Trimmed at its edges,
Keeping the core,
For all those pledges.

Religiously execute.
Where to write it?
In tablets of stone
So’s not to forget it.

God spoke all these words:
I am the Lord your God…
1) you shall have no other gods before me;
2) You shall not make for yourself an idol,… for I the Lord your God am a jealous God,… but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments;
3) You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name;
4) Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy… the Lord blessed the sabbath day and consecrated it.
5) Honour your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you;
6) You shall not murder;
7) You shall not commit adultery;
8) You shall not steal;
9) You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour;
10) You shall not covet… anything that belongs to your neighbour. Moses said to the people, ‘Do not be afraid; for God has come only to test you and to put the fear of him upon you so that you do not sin.
Exodus 20.

Where to from here?
A good place to start:
The Promised Land?
….‘Tis right in the heart.


Tolerance – Medical Analysis
(Deuteronomy 22, Matthew 5, John 8)

Bride groom’s the business,
Here like “Hi man!”
There he goes doin’
His great break dancin’

Wanting to conform with
Society’s moral rulings
For him no prospect of
Any shotgun wedding.

Ouch, ouch! Bang at both ends
Sleeved tolerances the tightest fit
Move of nature thrusts them together
His and her hip: bloody hip to bloody hip.

**ck me! Look at this bloody caper
Necessary for survival of the species?!
Moses says ‘rents keep the sheets
As proof that honour is she’s.

And he’s too, maybe, don’t forget:
The Jew’s not like a Gentile
So t’rule that is for one
Shows really a trait of guile.

Then, in the circumstances, it seems,
A sensible use of evidence
To settle honour’s score though
Antiquated for, & in, the present tense.

But now, as Jesus says:
“Whoever looks upon a woman with lustful eye
Has committed adultery with her
Already, in his heart”.

And, to the adulteress’s sentencers:
‘“Let whoever is without sin
Cast the first stone”.
When they heard this, they all left,
One by one, the older ones first…’.


Breaking The Law
(against work on the Sabbath – John 7 et al)

Jesus: “Circumcision on the eighth day:
It happens on the Sabbath.”
The Pharisees didn’t like it,
Such a practical riposte.

Prevention is better than cure,
But oh how the legal language
Is confusing the ritual benefit:
We’re going to need a sage.

Healing’s not prevention
It’s saving those ‘been felled;
It raises up to a higher plane,
The pain of those who yelled.

Relieved and oh so lifted
Prevention is better than cure,
But if you are the fallen
You want to be safe and sure.

So why not on the Sabbath?
It doesn’t make any sense:
Prevention is surely a healing
With just a future tense.

But is it right to presuppose that,
A miracle’s one thing and science another,
Which might be best is where it’s at?
Ignorance is bliss until thoughts of t’other.

Chaos is the fear
And with paternal instinct
“No son of mine shall suffer” as I
Fell on that bleakest precinct.

(Treat according to condition,
Not blindly follow the rite.
Understand the implications of
The frenulum that’s too tight).

So they decided to kill him.
The crowd thought “ paranoia”.
The learned believed they’d got him
Through rafts of technicalia.

The crowd was then whipped
Up and suitably frenzied
Becoming putty in the hands
Of Caiaphas’s masterly for’e’d

He manipulated all deftly
Keeping ol’ Moses’s law
Choosing to overlook that
Small but-so-vital flaw.

Crucified for common sense –
What was it all about?
Keeping the faith o’ their ancestors
And their own faith? Not a shout.

Presuppose and precedent;
Doctors of the law, beware:
Prejudgement and Heaven scent
You’ll only get with flair

Imagination and ingenuity
Has to break the mould,
For sins committed and forgiven,
Come back to the fold.

I love you Jesus…
…You came to my rescue:
…You visited upon me…
…You only knew the cue.

Faith restored, it really works,
But do believe your lovers:
It’s God who sees you as you are,
There really is no other.


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And From Blood (Acts 15, Galatians 2 & Matthew 5)

Paul and Peter came to blows
Over the practices that Moses’d chose:

The practices Moses’d
Put in his law;
But a covenant Abe’d made
To remedy his flaw.

And so to Jerusalem
The party ascended:
Convening a debate
To save the descended.

The law for the flaw,
The spirit and the letter,
Jesus’s completion
Made things better.

And so in Jerusalem
The fierce debate:
Whether to reduce
The Gentiles to hate.

The Council saw sense
And so found a way
T’ensure honours even
And wrote to convey:

“You will do well if you
Abstain (keep free): from
What has been sacrificed to idols
(Worship of false gods);
And from blood
(from frenulum torn
From being short and slender);
And from what is strangled
And from fornication
(liable to cause disease and disharmony).
These are the essentials,

The law for the flaw,
The spirit and the letter,
Jesus’s completion
Made things better.

image poem

It’s difficult to believe
God loves
Me, the pain in the brain,
Out of the cross it was – possessed,
Tight-spun knot of unhappy experience.
Who does the spinning
And where and when
Is the use of energy
Stored in a upwound coil? The knot,
With love and patience, is untied, oh happy
Experience – releases the spring
Which turns me like a top
– For gravity then….
I will defy!

And Good will find
My equilibrium.

A Fine Line

Cast your net out t’other side
To where your living have scarpered
The mighty shoal behave in one way
We can’t have your business scuppered.

Follow me to learn this way
And meet me one on one
Become fishers of men overnight alright
We’re going to have some fun.

Commercial nets are necessity’s way
Of feeding the five thousand
But rod and line is really sublime
Come on join this happy band.

Some question the motivation
Of this we are well aware:
Is it for dinner on the plate, or
For anti-fish welfare.

Or is it, more honestly now,
That certain thrill of the chase
The hunter and the hunted
That primeval and noble race?

That tugging at the line and
The arcing of the rod
It strikes at the very heart
As is connected to one’s nod.

It putteth you on high alert
So nearer to your Maker
The lamps are all primed and ready
To land the one that’s bigger

An instant and chain reaction
Starts with that extra pull
Pumping the adrenaline round
It is truly sensational.

To be continued…


The Nature of the Beast

Manic depression
Self obsession
Inward dwell
Within outward shell

All being well
You’re going to be swell

Crack the nut
By growth from the kernel
Nurtured by nature
Moistened by water

If shrivelling inside
Draw in the nutrients
To burst right forth

But in scattering the shell
Beware of shrapnel.


Healing (By Faith)

Manic depression
All will be well
All will be well

Depressive mania
Well will be all
Well will be all


Well will be all
All will be well.


Pass The Parcel

Who to turn to?
That was the question.
‘ To look to for counsel,
Understanding and assurance.

From pillar to post,
Weighed up in my mind,
It wasn’t easy to determine
Who would be most intuitive and kind.

Round and round,
Repeating the error,
Generation after generation,
Removing each layer.

As the music stops
We rustle the paper
And pass on to the next o’ us,
This bit of a caper.

Repressions open up
With a giggle and a titter,
Even the professionals being
Brought close together.

Their disciplines are very blinkered
Their narrowing of the fields
Won’t see the bigger picture:
Will they ever yield?

“Not my responsibility Gov’,
My speciality is ‘this’,
But we see what you’re driving at
And we don’t mean to diss”.

The ever decreasing circle
Closes in on the prey
Hoping to open up the
Mystery we dare not say.

But for Lord’s sake let’s get practical here,
It is not rocket science
It’s simple co-ordination
And the ensuring of knowledge appliance.

So do not pass the parcel
But gather all around
And open up together
And see reasons that are sound.

“That’s all very well though,
We don’t know what to do”
Just lend and ear you ‘a’p’orths
And respond “Oh how normal so”.

You need to hear the penny drop
It’s such a pleasant ‘chink’,
To realise it is understood
And one’s not just on the blink.

An understandable reaction
To events and conditions pertaining,
Please though don’t be surprised at
The chemical upset sustaining.

Breaking down the components
Into elements and analytically,
Elicit from the patient
The kernel of his sobriety.

Careful now with
The chemical tricks
Cause and effect can turn
Cocktails to explosive mix.

Straighten though the thinking
All tangled up and matted:
Care, love and attention there
To beauty now neatly plaited.

The whole being cannot be separated
From its make up entirely
Nor can it stop the additions
And loadings of disparity.

Just make no mistake that
Experience of a trauma
Needs a healing more or less physical
Than that by quiet karma.

Unscrambling of the omelette
The facing of the fear
Takes regression to new heights
To see of what is clear.

Beating that blessed egg
Back into its shape
The sufferer goes along with
The rewinding of the tape.

It is not his choice there
But others do insist
And t’law’s on their side
Makes ‘t impossible to resist.

Re-live of that old trauma
In safe environment
Before you can move onto
That which was simply meant.

To be or not to be
That is the question
It is peace, surely, that
Enables one to function.

Release all the prisoners science,
That is part o’ your job
Not to lock ‘em up for
Ever the drug company’s bob.

Drugs have their job of course
Of that there is no doubt
But there’s more to life surely
Than suppression of the shout.

Pass the parcel, yes,
The music keeps on playing,
Stop! …Right where you are…
…Listen to the slaying.

Sin is in the harbour
Of a worry beyond the day
It drags you down and under
And simply is not the way.

For happiness: ensure that
You truly love your neighbour
(And your enemy, of course)
And you love
God as He does
You, this each and every hour.

The virtuous circle keeps going
And on ad infinitem
Passing that parcel of gold
A gift of pure more-than-token.

So there it is
Peace is the great goal
An answer too for
The ‘beings in their gaol.

A summer’s day compared,
He is a constant presence,
Remember what Shakespeare indeed did say
In his eighteenth sonnet.

“Temperate” and “eternal”,
The balance in each life,
He has a bigger picture o’er
The present trouble and strife.

So SMILE I implore you!
And match that constant presence:
It’s great to live and free to give
By Faith and Holy essence.

Luke and Trevor
On the Staving In Africa

L: Well knock me down with a feather,
Scientists have just announced that
When our ancestors ran out of food
They moved to pastures new, Trevor.

T: Well I’m not one to rebuke
But there were no border controls then
Nor passports to paradise
Only survival of the fittest, Bebe,
Does that fit their model, Luke?

L: Absolutely perfectly, yes, Trevor,
Charles Darwin had this idea.
Nobody’s stood to prove it yet
Which really ain’t so clever.

L: Dawkins has given it a go
But completely missed the point.
When’s he going to give what for
And get out his fork ‘n hoe?

T: Enough intellectualising, Luke,
That’s the order of the day,
As into our boxes we puke.

L: It’s part of the process, Trevor,
We’ve gone all digital,
Disseminating information
Like there really is no tomorro’.