About – feedback August 9, 2014

“I completely agree about the issue being complex and largely taboo… it’s been near impossible to share this part of me.  Reading all that the writer has put together on the subject is amazing and I am finding I am receiving a lot of comfort from it more than I thought I could and I […]

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Medical – feedback July 13, 2014

“This section helped me most.  I just wish it had been around when I was in my teens.  I can completely empathise with Anonymous Tim.  When reading that blog (link) it brought back a flood of memories about how I felt then.   Simon was really the hero in moving Tim on from being left […]

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The Scream – feedback June 22, 2014

“This, for me, is a huge highlight in the website and it has really helped me.  Looking at the picture after reading the text, it just seems so obvious that this is what Munch was trying to convey.  I have done the elastic band trick and it is brilliant, so simple, and it completely shows […]

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