For males who suspect they may have a problem prepuce and/or frenulum: empowering them through information, education and guidance to help them towards resolving their problem, with their doctor’s and/or partner’s or parent(s)’ help and support as necessary.      Read All About It!

JQuad is the result of a significant period (almost a lifetime) of experience, research, learning and analysis about thorny questions around the prepuce frenulum. Otherwise advances in civilisation are being hampered by ignorance of the issues, which are at the same time both very simple and very complex, and, largely, taboo. The content of this site with its links to other sites is intended as a resource to help thoughtful and conscientious individuals, couples, families and communities make reasoned and informed choices away from the hyperbole of different competing polarised arguments and prejudices, and to assist with encouraging general recognition and communication of the issues in the health and education professions and government.

The prompt to publish this information and analysis now (2014) has come from the coincidence of: the writer’s simple desire to see the relief of human suffering; and to communicate publicly with the UK government in relation to the issues from both health and education perspectives; the parliamentary Council of Europe Resolution 1952 (2013) of 1st October 2013 and the fall-out from that; and significant gaps in medical and sex education policy and guidance from UK government. These gaps are highlighted and addressed in this website.

Council of Europe Resolution 1952 (2013) concerns Children’s right to physical integrity and, at 7.4, “calls on member States to initiate a debate, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, aimed at reaching a large consensus on the rights of children to protection against violence of their physical integrity according to human rights standards”; and at 7.6 “to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue between representatives of various professional backgrounds, including medical doctors and religious representatives so as to overcome some of the prevailing traditional methods which do not take into consideration the best interests of the child and the latest state of medical art”.

This website addresses religious aspects in some detail because by not confronting and seeing these head-on, the taboo and ignorance is allowed to persist and perpetuate. The religious aspect does therefore have to be tackled and, indeed, used, in positive spirit when analysing this subject. The issues can be seen in art, too, for example in Edvard Munch’s The Scream, analysed further in this website. Further academic research, analysis and acknowledgement along these lines could be further enlightening.

‘Treat according to condition, Not blindly follow the rite, Understand the implications of The frenulum that’s too tight’ From Breaking the Law (against work on the Sabbath), by Edwin M Douglas